Do You Have a Busy Munchkin?

Let them Run. Jump. Play. in our instructor-led physical activity programs for munchkins starting at 16 months, with a focus on movement through play.


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Program Benefits


Nothing bonds munchkin and parent quite like getting movin’ together in our Munchkin & Me class or our Family Class. Whether it be by passing a ball, or having a pretend snowball fight, there is a very special connection that can be formed when a munchkin is motivated by their parent to participate in a physical activity.


Nothing makes munchkins socialize with one another quite like playing together. When you give munchkins the opportunity to run, jump, and play with their peers, you are giving them the chance to share laughter, success, and most importantly, silliness.  Playing together teaches empathy, teamwork, problem solving, and introduces munchkins to social cues that they will encounter through the course of their lives.

Physical Literacy

When confident in their movements and skills, munchkins are likely to continue their active life throughout their childhood and into adulthood. Physically literate and active munchkins today will turn into healthy, thriving adults in our community tomorrow!

The Program Chatter….

“I like the obstacle course. And playing with my friends.”



The activities are fast-paced, which is perfect for little ones with short attention spans, and relaxed. I appreciate that I’m able to participate in the class too. When he ran, I ran. We played, jumped and moved together! Michelle

Mom of Mason




8 Tips for Munchkin Parents

Here are a few tips for parents to help Munchkins get the most out of every Movin' Munchkin class. Have a Healthy Munchkin Friendly Breakfast Eating a well rounded breakfast will ensure your munchkin has the most and the best energy for our Movin' Play! Involve your...

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Physical Literacy at the Beach

You’re probably thinking what in the world is physical literacy and why is that important? Doesn’t literacy involve print? Physical literacy, numeracy, and literacy are all important factors in your munchkins’s development and your munchkins is exposed to each of the...

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Encouraging Munchkin Play at Home

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” – O. Fred Donaldson Why is allowing munchkins to play so important in their development? When we allow munchkins to play, we allow them to create their own realities, to make their...

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