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On a rainy day, it can often be challenging to keep your munchkins movin’. A rainy day is often turned into a movie day for most children. However, letting them sit all day will not help you once bed time rolls around, they still have a lot of energy left to burn off. For that reason we have gathered some of our favorite activities that will tire out your munchkins while also having loads of fun!

Here are 10 active ways to keep your munchkins movin’ and having fun on rainy days. Make sure to have the kids help you set up the activities,
it’s half the fun!

Laser obstacle course: Using red yarn held in place with painters tape on the wall, create a laser maze in your hallways for the munchkins to navigate through the hall. I like using red tape because it makes it easier to imagine them as laser beams, like in the movies! You can place the yarn at high and low places in different angles to create the level of difficulty for your munchkin.

Obstacle Course: obstacle courses are one of mine and the munchkins’ all-time favourite ways to keep active. An obstacle course can be made out of pretty much anything (with enough creativity) and can be changed up every time. Designing the obstacle course your little munchkin makes it even more fun as young children have loads of imagination and come up with the wackiest ideas! Here are some ways to turn everyday items into a challenge:

  • Hula hoops to jump on and through
  • Line of tape to balance on like a beam
  • Couch cushions to hop between
  • A box (with ends cut out) to crawl through
  • A blanket over 2 chairs to crab walk through
  • Tupperware containers to hurdle over
  • Plastic cups to run around
  • Cereal boxes to jump over

Don’t Let The Balloon Touch The Ground: This is a game that I use to play as child and kids today still play, it’s a classic! The rules are simple, you throw the balloon in the air and do not let it touch the ground, and you can even have more than one balloon. If you have multiple kids, make it a challenge to see who can keep it in the air the longest. It a simple game to prepare that keeps munchkins entertained for a long period of time.

Shooting targets: If your little munchkins have Nerf guns or toys similar to one, set up some fun targets such as toilet paper rolls, empty cans and toys and have your munchkins try and knock them down. This will keep them busy as they will have to target and retrieve their nerve bullets.

ABC Hunt: Have your munchkins go around the house collecting items that start with each letter of the alphabet (A for apple, B for bunny, C for can, etc) – give them a checklist to mark off each one as they go. Time them so they run and you can make it a competition between each kid. A double bonus activity for practicing Literacy and Physical Literacy! 

Indoor mini golf: Instead of going to a mini golf course, have the mini golf come to you. Create a mini gold course in your own home. All you need is a few club (you can buy some at Dollorama), a ball and lots of imagination (that’s when the kids come in). Have the whole house set as a mini golf course. A mini golf course can be created using house items:

  • Make a bridge out of Legos for the ball to go under
  • Use a tin can or plastic cup as the hole for the ball
  • Use toilet paper roll as a tunnel for the ball to pass through
  • Have the “hole” at the bottom of the stairs and uses the stairs as its own obstacle

DIY ball pit: Create your own ball pit using a large box (or blow up pool) and filling it with any balls and balloons you can find of various shapes and sizes. Then let your munchkin play in it.

Volley ball: Using a balloon as the ball and a rope tied from the back of a chair to another back of a chair as a net, have your kids play volley ball in the house. Lines can be made on the floor with painters tape if you wish to have them play by the real rules.

Indoor scavenger hunt: Have fun hiding things around the house and create a list of those items. Then have your little munchkins try and find the items in the house, time them and have them try and beat their best score. You can even make the items ambiguous such as “find something you can throw like a Frisbee”

Indoor hockey game with DIY skates: Bring the Ice rink to you with DIY skates. Create your own indoor “skates” using wax paper around the bottom of your munchkin’s feet or use Kleenex boxes as skates. Bring out the hockey sticks with a ball that won’t do any damage to the walls and voila!

Make sure to take pictures of your activities for memories that last forever!

You can even post them on Facebook or Instagram and tag us, we would love to see how you have fun on a rainy day!