How can we make Easter full of fun, a little more healthy and physical? Here are a few ideas to help your Munchkin hopping through Easter.

  1. Follow the bunny trail
    Cut out some bunny tracks or leave a trail of bit carrots from your munchkins bed to get them hopping and or munching to their Easter basket.

  1. Let your Munchkin be the Easter bunny!
    Let your munchkin hide eggs for you, they will LOVE watching you look for the eggs!
  2. Healthy Easter Foods

Easter Egg Pops : i.e. Veggie Egg Pops
Use up all those eggs you just painted by making these fun egg pops! They are easy and silly, munchkins will love to dip too!
Click here so you can make some egg pops

Bunny Bread : i.e. Carrot cake banana bread
Sounds so delicious! I am definitely going to make this recipe when I get home, I might even try adding some dried cranberries for some added antioxidants and flavor.
Click here to get to making some bunny bread.

Springalicious Easter Smoothies
Smoothies are always a hit in my house. This recipe goes above and gives your munchkins an activity to do as well, looks fun!
Click here to find some yummy bunny smoothies.

Egg Fruit Tarts
This is a great way to decorate eggs for little munchkin hands! These get your munchkins involved as well as teaching them about healthy treats, can’t go wrong!
Click here to see some cute bakeless munchkin treats 

  1. Make your own spring flowers since they won’t be able to make it this Easter!What you need:
    *Food colouring
    *Spray bottles (I buy them at the dollar store)Fill your spray bottles with water and add food colouring, add about 8 drops, and adjust as you please. It might be harder to see colours like yellow and light green, so if you want to use these colours, add more food colouring.
    Spay your snowy yard and make beautiful designs! (Mom and dad, you can help too!)

  1. Egg Actions
    Write or draw out some actions and place them in the eggs. This makes for an action packed Easter!

    • Jump
    • Run
    • Skip
    • Spin
    • Gallop
    • Fly

Try copying or printing off our photos for easy templates for your Easter activities!

Share your activities and recipes this Easter on our Facebook page, we love to see munchkins making healthy choices!