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As summer fast approaches, many people are planning their summer vacations, often summer vacations and road trips go hand in hand together. But once you become a parent the term “road trip” has an entirely different meaning.

Although the memories made during these road trips can be very beautiful and happy ones, other ones can be intimidating to say the least. One great way to keep everyone sane and healthy is to keep active during those long car trips. The more active they are outside the car, the more likely they are to fall asleep inside, but that’s our little secret ;).

Here are five ways to keep your munchkins movin’ during those long car rides.

1. Stop at parks or rest stops often.

Even though you are eager to reach your destination, letting your munchkins run around and stretch their legs keeps everyone happy. Stop to stretch your legs, wander and play.

2. Have an active bag ready and easily accessible.

Having an active bag can be very handy. Your active bag can include things such as inflatable balls, jump ropes, frisbees, toss and catch velcro mitts and many other things to keep active. This is especially great for families with many children as there is something for everyone!

3. Stop at playgrounds every now and then and play!

One great way to keep the kids active without having to prepare anything is to bring them to a playground, just search for ‘elementary schools’ in your GPS to find a playground near you. If you are unable to find any playgrounds or it happens to be raining, McDonalds’ playparks are great places to let your little munchkins run wild, while they play you can relax behind that glass window sipping on some coffee, it’s a win-win!

4. Bring chalk with you and stop and play hopscotch with kids.

While you are taking a break from being on the road, this is the perfect opportunity to bring out the chalk and be creative with the kids. Games like hopscotch or even creating mazes are great ways of keeping everyone active. Bringing wet wipes along would be ideal as we all know how messy chalk can get.

5. Have your kids partake in our printable active scavenger hunt.

Keep your little munchkin busy by having them complete this scavenger hunt, some of the tasks include finding specific items while others are acts they must complete. To step up your game, you can turn it into a photo scavenger hunt and document each of the tasks to capture long lasting memories.

For extra encouragement, reward your munchkins once they have completed the scavenger hunt!!

If you have any other tips, we would love to know, let us know on Facebook!

Where will you and your munchkins go this summer?