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A Physical Literacy Activity A Day… 5 Physical Literacy Activities To Keep Munchkins Busy Over March Break

March Break is upon us again, which means another week of entertaining munchkins at home, while trying to avoid too much screen time and the most dreaded two words a munchkin parent can hear: “I’m bored!”.

Here are 5 tried and true activities to try at home this March Break that will keep your munchkins movin’ and active, and that you will enjoy, too!


  1. Make animal action flash cards! All you need is index cards, markers, and some space for your munchkin to get movin’! Write a different action on each card. Try animal actions such as:
  • Swim like a fish
  • Gallop like a horse
  • Hop like a bunny
  • Crawl like a spider
  • Fly like a bird
  • Chase your tail like a dog
  • Scratch like a cat
  • Slither like a snake
  • Run like a cheetah

The possibilities are endless! This activity will not only get your munchkins body movin’, but their imagination as well!


  1. Don’t fall in the lava! Put a twist on this classic game by laying out pieces of different coloured paper on the floor of your home. Tell your munchkins “find an orange rock”, and watch them navigate through the room trying to get to the orange paper without falling in the lava. Repeat with each colour paper you have. Munchkins will LOVE this, and it will get them movin’ in unconventional ways, and help develop their cognitive skills in terms of colour recognition.


  1. Go for a walk in your community. Make it a scavenger hunt. Prepare a list with some unconventional items on it. Include tasks such as: find a house with a yellow door, a big rock, a fence, etc. This is a great opportunity for you to get outside with your munchkins, and have fun while doing it! Your munchkins minds will be exercised while looking for everything on their lists, and the fresh air will do everyone in your family some good!


  1. Play tail tag! Another twist on a classic- give everyone who is playing a piece of fabric to stick on their backside to resemble a tail. Instead of just tagging each other, the person who is “it” has to steal the tail of their opponents.


  1. Play balloon tennis! All you need is some balloons and a fly swatter for everyone playing. Put some music on and bop the balloons around to each other, against the wall, or however you wish! Try to get your munchkin to throw with one hand and bat the balloon with the other. Use several colours of balloons and get your munchkin to name the colour of the balloon they have. This will encourage development of your munchkins hand-eye coordination as well as their colour recognition.