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The Winter Games in PyeongChang may be over, but the Olympic spirit is probably still alive and well in your home. There is so much excitement that comes with the Olympics. Munchkins love to watch Olympic events, being able to recreate them at home would be exciting and a new experience for them.


Here are 4 ways you can bring the Olympics to life from the comfort of your own home

Place a piece of paper or paper towel under each foot and glide around your home like you are pining for the ice dancing gold medal! Practice spins, skating low, skating fast, and skating slow. Watch as your munchkin learns that to not lose their “skates” they have to keep their feet on the floor and just glide around. When the skating fun is over, crumple up the paper and have a little snowball fight!

Draw curling rings on a large piece of paper and lay it out on the floor. Get your munchkin to toss an object (like a bean bag) and try to get it to the centre ring! Switch it up by trying different types of tosses like overhand, underhand, slides, etc.

This one is so much fun and will really get your munchkins gross motor skills working! Get a small carpet (or pillow case), and sit down on your knees. Then, put your hands on the floor and begin pulling yourself to the other side of the room. When you make it, come back. Have a race with your munchkin- they will love it!

Have an Olympic medal ceremony. To wrap up the fun of bringing the Olympic games to life, have a medal ceremony where your munchkin will receive their very own Olympic medal!