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Munchkin & Me

Munchkin & Me: This class is designed for munchkins who are 18 months – 3 years old. This is a great introductory program to group activities and socialization. Your munchkin will begin working on their physical literacy, social skills, and instructor led play. Parent participation is essential for this level as your munchkin will be growing their confidence and mirroring what they see you do. Munchkins have the opportunity to socialize and play with other munchkins their age. Understanding that munchkins in this age group are just learning, the PLAYCoach will lead you and your munchkin through a loosely structured activity plan that will focus on developing your munchkins fundamental movement skills such as jumping, running, and throwing balls. Classes also include movement to music, which is excellent for language development at this stage. This fast-paced class ensures that even in early toddlerhood, your munchkin will be able to keep attention and remain engaged throughout the session.

The Independent Munchkin

Transition to Independent Play: This class is designed for munchkins who are 3 – 5 years old. This class follows a much more independent play approach than the Munchkin & Me, and parents are welcome to participate as they see fit, but encouraged to watch the class as their munchkin plays with the PLAYCoach and their peers. This class offers more instruction for the munchkins, as well as a more thorough introduction to sport, movement to music, and creative play. Munchkins are encouraged to work together and develop their fitness, communication, and team skills. You know your munchkin best! If you feel as if they are ready for independent play, and will have fun participating with other munchkins, this is the class for them.

Family Class

Family Class: This class is designed for ALL munchkins who are 18 months – 5 years old. In this special class, siblings, cousins, and friends can all participate together- regardless of their age! Because we offer a non-competitive environment, we are able to accommodate munchkins of all developmental stages under 5 in one class. For younger munchkins, this is a great opportunity to see their older companions in action and follow their lead. For older munchkins, leadership skills can be developed as they assist in guiding the younger ones through the activities. For parents, this is an opportunity to have everyone in the family participate in the same activity- and have a ball while they’re doing it! Our qualified PLAYCoaches are trained in multi-age management, and will have no trouble adapting the activities to best serve your munchkins. BONUS: If you’re registering more than 1 munchkins, we offer a 25% discount off each additional munchkin!