egm FAQ » Movin' Munchkins


Questions about the program? We have all the answers!


How long are the classes? Each class is 40 minutes in length.

Do parents have to participate? Check the program description it will indicate if parent participation is needed.

What do the classes involve? Loosely structured multi-stage fun fitness/activity/skills classes. The classes involve circuits, races, teamwork, games and individual challenges to promote and develop skills while having lots of fun!

What equipment do you use? Our equipment is always maintained in tip top condition and sanitized after each class. Equipment includes – parachute, balls, bean bags, tunnels, and so much more!

 I am not sure my munchkin will listen or follow directions in class. Is this program right for them? The munchkins are learning and developing at different paces. It’s unrealistic to provide a structured class and expect them pay full attention. We get that! Instead, classes are loosely structured and offer something for all.  The instructors don’t spend a lot of time talking–we prefer to keep them playing.  It’s also important that parents encourage, but not force participation. 

 How should my child dress? Munchkins should wear comfortable clothes since they will be movin’ and groovin’. We’ve had princesses, superheroes and munchkins in pajamas participate—whatever is comfortable for them! Only sock feet or indoor shoes are required. Parents should dress comfortably, too!

 Do I need to bring anything to the classes? Just indoor sneakers (if your child doesn’t want to go in sock feet) and water. Everything else will be provided.