Terms of Service:

  1. Privacy:

How your details will be used by Movin’ Munchkins:

  • Your personal details, name, email, phone etc. will be stored by Movin’ Munchkins.
  • Your financial details will not be stored; once a session is paid for your financial details are not held. To rebook you will be required to re-enter your payment details.
  • Occasionally Movin’ Munchkins will email/contact you using your personal details to keep you up to date with special offers/promotions or new course bookings.
  • We will not forward or sell your details to third party companies, we may occasionally send you information on third parties we feel will benefit/be of interest to you.
  1. Fees:
  • All fees shall be paid in full in advance of the first session.
  • Reimbursement: Prior to class start date, fee’s less $20.00 for an admin fee, 1 class in $76.00, after 2 classes no reimbursements.
  1. Parent/ Guardian Obligation:
  • Not to allow an attendee suffering from illness or contagious disease to attend a Movin’ Munchkins class.
  • Not to leave the attendee unattended in the venue before/during/after the Movin’ Munchkins class.
  • To accept responsibility for the attendee at all times before/during/after the Movin’ Munchkins class.
  • Sign waiver prior to participating a class.
  1. Movin’ Munchkins Obligations:
  • To provide the Movin’ Munchkins classes in the venue, at the time and on the date as set in the booking system.
  • To uphold and promote the high standards of excellence and service.
  • If the booked class is cancelled due to storm or illness a make-up class will be added. Cancellations will be communicated via email and Facebook by 8 am of class day should there be an issue.
  • If classes are canceled due to storms, Movin’ Munchkins will offer a make-up class; however, it may not be at the same class time.
  1. General:
  • These terms and conditions are binding between Movin’ Munchkins and the parent/ guardian.
  • By booking and paying for a block of classes the parent/guardian agrees to the terms and conditions laid out by Movin’ Munchkins on the Facebook/page.
  • Movin’ Munchkins shall not be responsible for the loss, damage or injury sustained by the parent/ guardian and/or attendee due to wrong actions/malpractice of the individual.

Thank you for signing your child up to Movin’ Munchkins, we hope you and most importantly your child enjoy our classes and this is the start of a long relationship between you and us. To gain maximum enjoyment and benefit from the classes please read through the points below:


  • You the parent/guardian of the child are responsible for your child throughout the duration of the session. Therefore please do not leave the building or child unattended during the session.
  • The classes start promptly at the stated time, please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class is due to start and be ready to go at the set time.
  • If you haven’t already please advise the coach of any injuries, illness, sickness, medical condition or special need your child may have, however small.